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"Such a lovely care home. All of the staff genuinely care. I was very anxious leaving my Dad in care, however this home far exceeded my expectations.


It is also very clean and the smell of home cooked food wafting through the home makes me feel all brought back memories of me as a little girl and that lovely smell of a stew on the stove on a cold winters afternoon. The home is also warm. I liked the layout as well.


The owners are so lovely. I only wish them and their staff the best. They deserve 5 stars! Thanks for looking after my Dad so well. We will miss you all."

- Samantha, Google review


"Bellsgrove of Fetcham is a lovely care home.


It is a relatively small home and very well run. It may not look like a flashy hotel, the way some of them do, but my family and I were very impressed with how kind and caring the staff are. Their priority is looking after the people in their care, and that is the most important thing when you send your loved one to be looked after.


My father sadly had a series of strokes that meant it was too much for my Mum to look after him at home. We had already tried a different care home in the region, which did not work out so well. But Bellsgrove was different. We were very impressed with the care and attention they provided.


One of the things that impressed us is that they are genuine in their work. It’s not just a job; it’s a commitment to fully care for people. They are kind and patient. The other advantage is that they have a good number of carers relative to the number of patients, which means people don’t get ignored. I strongly recommend it as a care home."

- Anonymous, review 

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